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Tiger Lily & The Over-Achiever - Italian Lambskin and Cotton Purse



This Scoop Purse is made of italian leather and cotton tiger print.  The body of the bag is comprised of heavy-weight woven cotton and has a large leather semi-arched bow in front.   It closes with a zipper at the top and its black lining is in organic cotton with a pocket. Walk on the wild side but watch out for admirers.

This purse is called the OVER-ACHIEVER because you can place within it the same number of items as an average shoulder bag, giving you another reason to carry it all the time.


Material: Outer – lambskin leather and cotton. Lining – 100% organic cotton

Size: 16 in. width x 7.5 in. length / 41 cm. width x 19 cm. length

Colors: As shown

Production: California, USA



The SCOOP PURSE is a new design for a clutch bag which makes it easier to carry and use in our everyday lives. The arch at its bottom makes it easy to grasp in one hand without the need to press it against your body, and the larger size gives you room to carry all the stuff we routinely use.

Just SCOOP it up and GO!